World Tech Toys RC GYRO Phantom S107 3.5 Channel Helicopter

by Wootbot

It’s That Time Of Year Again

Remember, everyone! Valentine’s Day is less than five months away!

Let’s take a moment to thank the big corporate department stores for reminding us so early in the year that Christmas is, in fact, coming. Sure, it’s a little bothersome to see the trees set up next to the Jack O’Lanterns IN THE MIDDLE OF SEPTEMBER, but maybe it’s not all about sales, you know? Maybe they’re just trying to be helpful! After all, no one likes to rush around at the last minute buying up decorations and gifts. In a way, they’re gently extending a helping hand and saying, “Hey, buddy. You know, the Holidays are coming up. No pressure, though. Just wanted to let you know. And don’t forget we’ve already got paper turkeys dressed as pilgrims in our Seasonal department, too.”

And really, easing into the gift giving season is a great way to start, don’t you think? Take these World Tech Toys Phantom S107 GYRO RC Helicopters, for example. They sure are slick, all painted up with LED lights and a metal body that’s both strong and lightweight, aren’t they? And the built-in Gyro makes this 3.5 channel radio controlled helicopter easy to fly and maneuver, which keeps crashing down to a minimum. Plus, they’re pretty inexpensive, which is great because who wants to start off gift buying with some large, expensive purchase? All that’s going to do is make you tense for the next three and a half months.

With just a few clicks, the crushing weight of your holiday responsibilities becomes a little lighter and easier to bear, buddy. But, hey, no pressure. We just wanted to give you a heads up. And don’t forget, we’ve got GPS devices on the main site today, too.


Recommended for Ages 8+

Warranty: 90 Day World Tech Toys

Condition: New


  • The brand new GYRO Phantom S107 3.5CH Electric RTF RC Helicopter comes with the greatest advancement in Helicopter Technology, a Gyro
  • No more crashing, no more replacing parts, the GYRO has changed the Helicopter industry completely, making this RC Helicopter super easy to fly and maneuver
  • Great for people of all skill levels
  • 3.5 Channel Radio Control
  • Features a coaxial rotor a single rear rotor for precise movement and a GYRO for increased stability whether flying or hovering
  • Metal body adds strength yet is light weight so you don’t have to worry about breaking anything when you land it a bit too rough
  • Flies forward, backward, up, down, left, right and hover
  • Detailed paint job
  • Infrared transmitter
  • 3.7V 130mAh Li-Poly Rechargeable Battery
  • Helicopter charges off transmitter with included USB cable
  • LED lights
  • USB charger
  • No assembly required
  • Requires (6) AA batteries into the transmitter/charger
Main Rotor Diameter: 7 Inches
Length: 8 Inches
Width: 1.5 Inches
Height: 4 Inches


In the box:

  • (1) World Tech Toys ZX-34462 GYRO Phantom S107 3.5CH Helicopter (Choose: Blue, Red or Yellow)
  • (1) IR Transmitter
  • (1) USB Charger Cable
  • (1) Spare Rear Rotor
  • (1) 3.7V 130mAh Li-Poly Rechargeable Battery (Installed)