WordWorld 14 DVD Set with 25 Flashcards

by wootbot

The Die Is Cast

Almost everyone can benefit from a little extra education. Just please remember these DVDs and Flashcards are aimed at younger learners.

"Episode One," said Alex. "Happy Birthday Dog! Dog's friends are planning a surprise party for him, but they don't have a cake. Frog gathers the letters... can you guess, Donald?"

"Shut up, Alex." answered Donald, not looking up from his dinner.

"Episode Two," continued Alex. "Sh-Sh-Shark! When duck befriends a Shark, he learns the letter S and H make the SHH sound!"

"I knew that." muttered Donald. Ricky sat down on the other side of the table and nodded at the WordWorld 14 DVD Set with 25 Flashcards.

"What's up with those?"

Donald slammed his fork down on the plate. "Ricky, I swear to- I swear, if you don't shut up about these stupid kids DVDs, I'm gonna- I'm gonna-"

"Episode 3: Playing Spies! When Sheep and Duck think that Dog has a secret-"

Donald jumped up, yelling. "Okay, fine! I bombed my first English test! I admit it! I didn't study, okay? OKAY?"

Alex looked at Ricky. Then, without a word, Ricky held out his hand. Alex slid the WordWorld 14 DVD Set with 25 Flashcards across the table.

"Episode Four: Wee Little Whale. Sheep rescues a tiny whale and brings her home to live in her haystack. But what happens when Whale starts to grow?"

Donald sat down as firmly as he could. "Forget you guys, man, And just you wait. Vengeance is a dish best served cold."