Wooden Balance Bike - 4 Choices

by wootbot

Like A Glider For The Road

Training wheels are for the WEAK! Balance Bikes are what children really need.

When the Founding Fathers learned to swim, they didn't have a coach and inflatable water wings. They jumped in a deep pond to hide from the bear from which they'd just stolen honey! And what came from that? THE ENTIRE FREAKIN' NATION!

So don't waste your child's time with some half measure of weak sauce. Tiny wheels? Pffaa! What good will they do? Take 'em off and your kid has to learn it all from scratch again! But a balance bike? Why, that's like swimming in the deep end with gills!

See, if your child is balancing, they're using their own power. That's exactly the same as a normal two-wheeled bike, except without the pedals. And pedaling is EASY. ANYONE can pedal once they've mastered the balancing part!

If the Founding Fathers were alive, they'd say something profound, witty, and full of those f-shaped s letters that always look weird. But us? All we can do is say "Buy a Wooden Balance Bike!" And maybe that's because we grew up using training wheels. Imagine how much more we could have been without them.