Warmze Bottle Warmer Kit or Refills

by wootbot

Jake's List

Babies are like gourmets: they prefer slow-heated to microwaved. To babies, a bottle warmer kit is like a coal-fired pizza oven: always the sign of a classy joint.

Jake’s List Of Things Mommy Says I Have To Write Down And Remember:

40: The bottle warmer is for the babies who come to visit, like Gavin or Bristol. Not for me.

41: Just because it is a cow print, that does not mean it is appropriate to make jokes like "that bottle is udderly ridiculous" no matter how many times Daddy says it's a good joke.

42: It's probably best to not trust Daddy at all when it comes to humor.

43: The warming pads are for giving bottles a slow, even heat to help them reach a tepid state perfect for babies, but are not to be used for melting chocolate chip cookies.

44: I will never try to give a chocolate chip cookie to a baby even if it does go well with milk.

45: When I see "BPA free" I should not focus on just the word free.

46: The situation with Tibet is complex and not something I should just joke about because I saw it on TV that one time.

47: Ten hours of warming is useful for the baby, however, if I want to time something, I should just go look at a clock.

48: I will never again ask if I can time how long it takes the baby to fall off the couch "to learn about physics" even if I am planning to drop him onto a cushion.

48a: However, I did the right thing by asking before I tried, and that is the only reason I'm not in big trouble.

49: Next time Gavin comes over, I have to do what Olivia says until he leaves.