Upper Bounce 7-Foot Trampoline

by wootbot

Childish Things

This Upper Bounce 7-Foot Trampoline is perfect for the young. Not so much for the young-at-heart.

Jake awoke, as though from a daze. In the dark he was soaked with sweat, crying out in fear.

"Mommy! Mommy! I love my Upper Bounce 7-Foot Trampoline, but I don't want to grow up to be a trampoline tester!"

MIchelle pulled on her robe as she walked down the hall to her son's bedroom. This wasn't the first time Jake had woken up in tears. It was that stupid video game down at the grocery store, Trampoline Tester. Jake had played it ONCE last week, and every night, it was the same thing.

Michelle knew that, tomorrow morning, Jake would be happily bouncing on his Upper Bounce 7-Foot Trampoline again. She'd bought it specfically to get him away from those horrible video games. Her son was sensitive, and smart, and needed to imagine his own worlds instead of just wandering through someone else's. The Upper Bounce 7-Foot Trampoline was strong and secure and would grow with her son until he hit double digits ... which, based on the way he was holding on to her now, was still a few years away. Michelle was in no hurry for Jake to grow up anyway. She wanted to keep him safe for as long as she could, which is why she'd chosen the Upper Bounce 7-Foot Trampoline with its high-quality steel frame and round zippered enclosure net.

Jake relaxed as Michelle ran her fingers through his bangs. Tomorrow morning, Michelle decided, she'd wait until Jake dragged the Upper Bounce 7-Foot Trampoline out onto the deck and then tell Tim to watch the kids, and go talk to that grocery store about finding a better video game. Something like Space Invaders or Polybius, something that everyone could enjoy.