Unravels 48-Piece Colored Pencils Tub

by wootbot

That Moment

Comedy is hard like art is hard. But these colored pencils are full of fortunes and jokes. That's right, it's material from your materials.

Dakody arrived at Granny Sharon's house early, and without his art supplies. Sharon stayed calm. A young man of Dakody's age couldn't be expected to stay with one career path at all times. And he wasn't throwing mud balls at the neighbor's car, so clearly, some of the concepts remained.

Sharon was in the kitchen, busy making cookies. Dakody was in the living room, drawing long lines with his UnRavels colored pencils. Sharon could hear the sound of pencil tip against paper... stop? There was a little tearing sound, and then silence. And then Dakody called out:

"Granny Sharon! Why are there gates around graveyards?"

Sharon was taken aback. "Well, Dakody, it's for security, I would think."

"No!" Dakody called back. "It's because everybody's DYING to get in!"

The answer took Sharon by surprise, and she laughed in spite of herself. Then she heard it: the rush of air of someone taking their first breath. The race of energy that can only come from being the center of attention in a positive way. Dakody had discovered... comedy.

"Granny Sharon! What sits on the bottom of the ocean and shakes?"

Sharon didn't know.

"A nervous wreck!"

Of course, Sharon had figured out it was all the tub of pencils. Some were fortunes, some were secret messages, but the ones Dakody had were full of jokes. But how many comedians actually wrote their own material? All the greats had ghost writers, didn't they?

"Granny Sharon! Why is Turtle Wax so expensive?"

"Why, I don't know, Dakody? Why IS Turtle Wax so expensive?"

"Because turtles have such tiny ears!"

Sharon pretended she didn't hear the gentle sound of unwrapping and let Dakody riff on.