Ultrasoft FleeceDawgs - (5 Tod-3 Youth)

by wootbot

Fleece City

The only thing better than the comfort of FleeceDawgs is yelling FLEECE DAWWWWWGS at the top of your lungs gangsta style.

The actions gangsta rappers take might be morally questionable, but you gotta at least give them this: they know how to have fun. Games like GTA5 and Warren Buffett's Stock Market Simulator prove it! Gangsters are all the rage! So take a page from their book and make sure your child's future is both comfortable and stylish.

The fleece inner lining will protect your child's feet just like a highly paid lawyer protects the guy at the top of the organization. The ultra-thick sole will make sure nothing can touch them, just like a series of threats and bribes keep the super-rich out of jail. And, ultimately, your child will look so cute wearing them. Cute enough to be remembered. Which gives them an alibi. Tons of witnesses will say your child was with them when Gutierez made the buy outside of the Hotel Panama, so your child couldn't POSSIBLY have had ANYTHING to do with THAT!

Don't hate the player. Hate the game. FLEECE DAWWWWWWWWWGS!