Ultimate Playland

by wootbot

Childlike Innocence

You're not foolin' anyone, man. That playland is a pretty sweet set-up.

Young Avery Lynn looked upon the massive tent and tunnel structure with eyes of wonder. She marveled at the eight separate structures with five tunnels and over 30 feet of non-stop playtime.

"Mommy! Look!" she said with sheer delight.

"Avery, honey, what has mommy said about pointing? It's not nice to point at people, remember?"

"But I wasn't …" she started to protest.

"That man may be homeless, but he still has feelings."

Avery was confused. To her, the man with the grisly beard and tattered clothing looked as if he had it made! He had his very own mega city of patented Twist N' fold technology. In an instant, he could break down his city, pack it up in the two carrying cases and move anywhere he wanted. Her boring old house always stayed in the same boring old spot.

"You should be kind and help those who are less fortunate than you," her mother said while pulling a $20 bill out of her wallet. "Here. Go give him this."

As Avery approached with the money, she noticed how decidedly not less fortunate the man seemed than herself. This guy had a basketball, golf balls, soccer ball and 50 magic balls in a mesh bag. She didn't have any of those things!

She reached out to hand him the money, and as he took it, he flashed a weathered smile and winked! Avery squinted at him suspiciously and watched him over her shoulder as she walked back and took her mother's hand.

"Jeez Louise," she thought. "An Ultimate Playland AND $20? Maybe when I grow up, I'll be homeless too."