Ultimate Playland

by wootbot


Nothing will stop your kid from having a blast in this thing. Nothing except maybe an irresistibly yummy snack from an aerosol can.

Officially, Ella didn't know how to read yet. But if she were to Google "Cruel and Unusual Punishment," she was pretty sure the definition would be a perfectly good Ultimate Playland that goes unused as a sick little girl is forced to stay in bed.

She had considered just hiding inside the massive tent and tunnel structure, but as soon as she stood up, she felt dizzy and had to lay back down.

Her mother thought maybe she had caught that stomach bug that was going around. But Ella knew better. "Damn you, squeeze cheese!" she thought to herself as she shook her tiny little fist into the air. "Why did you have to be so delicious, yet so far past your expiration date?"

She closed her eyes and willed herself to be well enough to connect the 10 separate structures to build over 30 feet of non-stop playtime.

But it was no use. Her stomach was doing the kind of somersaults that made even the patented Twist N' Fold Technology for instant set-up and compact storage too much of a challenge.

On the plus side, it was made of durable and soft non-woven materials. So even if she did happen to yarf on it, it would probably come clean pretty easily.

She closed her eyes again and imagined herself happily surrounded by the basketball, golf balls, putter, soccer balls and 50 magic balls that were included. But before she knew what was happening, sleep engulfed her and she was zzzzzzzzzz …