Train Table with 120 Pc Wooden Train Set

by wootbot

Choo Choo, Y'all

This train table is all that AND a 120-piece set of train parts, Yo!

Yeah. We know how the cool kids are doin' it. You think plastic or metal trains are what's hot? Nah, Brah. It's all about the wood. That, and a scratch-resistant play board with colorful graphics. They may be kids, but they ain't animals. They knows how to keep it real nice and tidy like, storage drawer all organized and whatnot.

Shoot, Dawg. They even got smiling townspeoples. You know why those peeps be smilin'? Two words. Helipad, Yo. Deluxe. Airport. Helipad. They know they can get up out there any time they want. But you know what? Ain't nobody leavin'. They got everything they need here. Gas stations, three buildings with molded plastic roofs, and some pretty fly little munchkins controlling the whole city.

Heck. Even I wanna live there. Rent's a little rich for my blood, though. Guess I'll have to settle for taking the train in. Commuter life 4EVA!