Tot Sauce: Sleep

by Jason Toon

As the subject of parental kvetching and commiserating, sleep shows no signs of tiring. All you have to do is look at the best-seller list to see that this particular frustration remains very universal. At our house, even though our younger girls are now 7 and 4, rare is the night without at least one invasion of Mommy and Daddy's bed. And my kids treat sleeping like a participation sport. They can burn more calories in one night sleeping than I can playing a game of racquetball. Here are three sleep-related links I've found useful lately - if for no other reason than to remind myself that my misery has lots of company.

"Confession: This Pediatrician Is A Sleep Softie": this Huffington Post piece proves that the Sleep Wars are no respecter of persons. Claire McCarthy, MD explains how she and her husband "broke all sorts of 'sleep rules' on a regular basis." When the sheets hit the road, even a doctor has to give in sometimes.

Baby Sleep Positions
: This hilarious series from How To Be A Dad breaks down the various baby/parent sleep configurations into a kind of Kama Sutra of parental grogginess. Our 4-year-old favors the H, which is every bit as miserable as it looks in the picture.

We Don't Know How Much Sleep Kids Need - Or Maybe We Know Exactly How Much They Need: Remember the "sleep rules" I mentioned earlier? National Public Radio wasn't expecting much controversy a couple of days ago when they reported on a study that indicated that sleep recommendations are more social than biological. But the story made sleep specialists crankier than a 6-month-old who hasn't had a nap. So yesterday NPR followed up with an interview with pediatrician and author Judith Owens, who called the study's conclusions "not only absurd, but irresponsible."

If you've seen anything on the Internet - other than powerful sedatives - that's helped you cope with your kids' sleep issues, share it in the comments below. I need all the help I can get.