Tot Sauce: Positive Girl Marketing

by Jason Toon

As the father of three daughters, I appreciate anything that will get them out of the pink aisle of the toy section. Here are three examples of toy marketing that - while, yes, they're still selling stuff to kids - at least treat little girls like they can do more than dream about being princesses.

XBOX Kinect: Girly Vader: maybe it's unfair that I partially blame the video-game industry for turning so many young American males today into monsters, but I do. This much-talked-about Kinect ad puts a girl in the (imaginary) black helmet - a small step back but a welcome one.

Vintage LEGO Ad
: Jezebel unearths an old LEGO ad featuring a happy kid having fun building stuff. The kid happens to be a girl. My own little girls - who do their share of princess dreaming, too - are more the Lincoln Logs type.

Girls Explore Historical Doll Sets: female heroes like Amelia Earhart, Mary Cassatt, Harriet Tubman, and shortstop/MD Dot Richardson add brains, guts, and strength to the vapid fashion-doll archetype.

How do you tear your daughters away from their glitter-pony-tiara play, if only for a little while?

Thanks to inkycats for the suggestions!