Tot Sauce: 3 Cool Baby Items on Etsy

by Jason Toon

It's easy to get cynical about post-hip parents who see raising their child as one more avenue for expressing their coolness. And sure, no kid should be treated like an accessory. But if you don't surround your kids with good taste from an early age, the void will be filled by bland, manipulative mass-market crap. Here are three things on Etsy that show that baby-raising can be funnier, neater, and more fun than all that cheapo pastel stuff at the big-box stores.

The Boobie Beanie: Not just a warm, crocheted cotton hat for infants - but the perfect visual joke to defuse the discomfort that still sometimes accompanies nursing in public. First comes the double-take, then the laugh. Available in a variety of skin tones. Brilliant.

Super Hero Baby Personalized Art Print: Every baby is a superhero to his or her parents, right? This pop-art 8x10 print makes any toddler the star of a Golden Age-style comic panel. And unlike most nursery decor, this one will age pretty well for at least a few years beyond diapers.


Misfits Horror Show Punk Onesie: Sure, you've probably seen "punk" onesies before. But nothing's less punk than something that just says "punk". If you want punk cred, you gotta show you know your stuff - and the Misfits' spooky skeleton dude is the most kid-friendly punk icon around.

If you've found any cool kids' stuff on Etsy, share it in the comments - if you don't mind maybe running into a fellow Kids.Wooter at the playground sporting the same look.