Tonka Race-A-Long Chuck

by wootbot

My Love For You Is Like A Chuck

Don't think about what YOU'D do with this little interactive truck. Think about what a KID would do.

"Just a second, guys." Donald threw out his burger wrapper and jogged across the food court. Alex and Ricky shrugged at each other and watched. Donald went in the toy store and grabbed a Tonka Race-A-Long Chuck off the shelf. Ricky made a face. Alex rolled his eyes.

"Oh, man. What's he doing? Is he buying that thing?"

"What is that, some interactive dump truck? Is he gonna take that back to the dorms?"

"Man, that's the kind of thing you'd give to your little brother. Does he even HAVE a little brother?"

"I know for a FACT he does not. Hey, maybe he's gonna play 'Follow The Leader' for a class project."

"Yeah, ha ha! He's gonna set that up and play 'Tag' in Frat Court!"

"Oh, man. Oh, man. Can you IMAGINE how hard he'd get beat up?"

"Ha ha ha ha! 'Red light!' POW! 'Green light!' POW!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha SHH SHHH here he comes, he's comin' back, be cool."

Donald sat down, his Tonka Race-A-Long Chuck in his lap. "Sorry, guys. Had to buy this."

Ricky was trying not to laugh. "Sure. Sure. It's good you've got a dump truck for yourself at last."

Donald made a gesture at Ricky. "It ain't mine, jerkface. It's going over there."

Donald pointed. Alex and Ricky looked. The toy donation bin was right by the exit.

Ricky frowned. "That's not cool, Donald. I was making some good jokes about you. Why'd you have to go and ruin them by being awesome?"

Alex checked his wallet. "Donald, did they have any of those Tonka Race-A-Long Chucks left over there? I'm gonna run and check. Be right back."

"Oh, no!" said Ricky, standing up. "Not without me! I'm not gonna be the bad guy."