Tonka Mighty Fire Engine

by wootbot


The only limit to a young boy's abilities is the limit of his imagination.

Jake jumped down from his bunk. His eyes were still blurry with sleep, and the fire station bell pounded in his ears. He took a minute to compose himself before gathering his gear and sliding down the pole to join the rest of the crew.

"This is the real deal, folks! It's go time!" The Chief jumped into the driver's seat of the fire engine as the rest of the guys piled on board.

Jake pulled the lever to activate the siren, and they roared down the street as the dispatcher relayed the address over the CB.

When they pulled up in front of the burning house, he squeezed the trigger and pulled the multi-action strong arm to raise the massive ladder to the roof, where a terrified child was clinging to the curtains of an open window.

The Chief turned to Jake and said, "Alright, Rookie. This one's all you." A white hot flush quickly spread over Jake's body when it finally sunk in. "This is really happening."

This is what he had trained for, the moment he had waited for his whole life, what he had dreamed about ever since he was a kid. He took a deep breath, exhaled and started to climb towards the rescue bucket.

Just then, everything stopped. The siren went quiet. The sparks stopped flying in the arm's window. The Hyper-Lighting feature went dark.

Jake pushed the buttons in an attempt to get everything operational again, but nothing happened.

"MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM! I think the batteries on my fire engine died! Do we have any AA's?"