TMNT Backpack for School

by wootbot

Growin' Up

The perfect way to carry around all your love letters to the director of the upcoming movie.

Dear Michael,

Wow! is all I had to say when I heard that YOU were in charge of the TMNTniverse. WOW! I can't possibly think of a better person to shoulder the responsibility of the four spokespersons of a generation. And that's why I've decided to buy this TMNT Backpack and write MICHAEL across it in glittery letters.

But that's not all! I'll also be wearing a TMNT mask (it comes with the bag!) around in my day-to-day life! And when that security guard at the bank asks me what's up, I'll say DON'T BELITTLE ME, MAN, YOU PROBABLY THINK DONATELLO DOESN'T HAVE A NOSE and walk off feeling smug and correct. Just like you probably feel, Michael, when you get out of that limo and go into a six-star restaurant.

Hey, have you ever sent back the pommes soufflées and told them to chop 'em up and make 'em into hash browns instead? I bet you get a super-rush every time you do that. Maybe one day I'll get to do that with you, after I finish film school myself.

Your Best Fan,