Thomas Wooden Train Sets- Your choice!

by wootbot

Stock Up

We've got three Thomas the Tank Engine playsets today! Choose which one you like the best- but remember, you can choose to like all three of them the best as well.

Peter knew his family thought he was crazy. He didn't care. He had a dream, a vision, a goal. Even if everyone but Jake doubted him. This year, Peter was going to see his Thomas The Tank Engine Train all the way from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Joshua was there when Peter had to choose between the different Thomas the Tank Engine sets, but he was silent. Jake was here now, and he was silent too, all three boys knew exactly how serious to take this moment. Today was the day the the dream could be a reality. Today was the day all those included track pieces fell into place.

Alone, the set only had enough pieces for a single location. But Peter had planned, and saved, and finally, he owned all three. The Misty Island set, the Percy and the Diesel Works set, the Steamies and Diesels set. When these three Thomas the Tank Engine play sets, each sold separately, were today combined ... Peter's railroad would be oh, oh so close to reaching his dream.

Peter waved his brother up, handing him the missing pieces of track. "Take these, Joshua. Set them up. I'm going to get the train."

Joshua nodded. He didn't say a word, knowing how solemn the moment really was. One at a time, he snapped each track into place. The kitchen was within reach.

"All aboard!" yelled Joshua from the bedroom. "The Diesel Express, now preparing for the maiden run to the kitchen!"

Jake saw the final track piece snap into place, just at the edge of the tile. They'd done it. The house was unified at last.

He was sure that, one day, he'd tell this story to his grandchildren.