Thomas the Tank Engine Inflatable Bed

by wootbot

Head To Head

Sometimes everybody dreams of just falling asleep on a train, seeing where they end up. Well, now your kids can do that too! Just, you know, at home.

Jessica curled up her nose. "It says here, Ryan, it says that this inflatable bed is from 18 months to 3 years. Our Bristol's too young to use this."

Ryan tapped the included foot pump. "She is now, honey. She won't be forever. Before long, she's gonna start spending the night at her Grandmother's house, and she's going to have to be comfortable and cute."

Somehow, Jessica curled her nose even more. "I don't like this idea, Ryan. We agreed, the early years are the most important years. Sending our angel to your mother's-"

"-or your mother's! Let's not forget, she raised that crazy sister of yours."

"There's nothing wrong with my sister!"

"No, there's not, I just meant... what I meant was this inflatable bed can travel, right? And so we can take it with us when WE visit, and then Bristol can have a place to take a nap! That's all! We'll get some cute photos, and she'll never have to be alone."

Jessica scowled, while curling her nose. "All the parenting books say well-developed children also know how to behave themselves when their parents aren't around, Ryan. Are we going to impede on our child's long term growth potential by crushing her self-actualization?"

Ryan tapped the bed, right in the middle of Thomas' face. "See that? That's a duvet. Built right in. THAT'S self-actualization, Jessica. Our child's now prepared for anything. Something your mother clearly didn't do for you."

Jessica scowled, curled her nose, and glared. "I'm going to put the baby in her real bed," she said in a tight whisper, "and then, when I come back, I'm going to murder you."

Ryan quietly folded up the Thomas Inflatable Bed and turned on the television. If he was going to get yelled at anyway, he might as well watch the game.