Thomas Steamies vs. Diesels Train Set

by wootbot

The Next Train To Broadway

However you play with these trains, know they'll put a song in your heart.

There's a magical day in every young girl's life. That day when she sits down, picks up a pen, and writes notes for her first musical. Based on Olivia's notebook, that day has finally arrived for her. And possibly her family, if she can convince them of her genius. Before you make the proposal, you've gotta have good notes.

NOTES FOR: "Thomas Steamies vs. Diesels Train Set: The Musical"

ACT ONE is set on a mountain. ACT TWO is set on the same mountain, but twenty years later. ACT THREE is set in a small candy store in New York City.

THOMAS is our lead, best friends with PERCY. Their first song is a duet about how lovely it is to drive the rails together. Then they meet DIESEL who is a steam engine who is trying to grow his territory. Diesel is from Germany and sings about how hard it is to be a diesel engine on a mountain, and how insecure he is. Thomas and Percy overhear the song and that's how Act One ends.

Act Two begins with SALTY who is a sailor even though he is also a train. He guards the tunnel to the ocean, and Thomas fights him dramatically through ten feet of track, then they make friends. The tunnel is now open for all, and they sing a catchy song about how nice it is, and also about freedom! But it is a little ironic too so jazz musicians can enjoy it later.

Then, in Act Three, Percy is in New York, telling children about the last days of the trains. He sings a sad song about how Thomas gave his life in a train battle against Diesel, who was defending Germany, though he did not want to fight his friend. The song explains how a train must do a train's duty even when it conflicts with a train's heart. At the end of it, Percy sighs, and reaches up into the sky, and we see the mountain again, as it is still in his heart.


Sheet music (Maybe Mom can help?)
A band
A studio (A nice one! With pretty colored seats!)
Backup dancers

Contact Austin Mahone about maybe playing Percy.