Thomas Play Structure with Coach

by wootbot

Pitch A Train

You think you kids have it tough? Old Grandpa Herman here used to spend months at a time sleeping on the train.

That's right. I'd go several days at a time without food, a bath, or even sleeping on a proper bed. And you know what, kids? I would've stayed out there too! But your mom insisted I come inside.

I don't know why. I had everything I needed. Sure, there were some days when I'd only eat a cold can of beans, and you'd all be inside eating your nice, warm dinner, but I was experiencing the outdoors, and that's something they don't teach at your schools these days.  

I guess it helped that technically the train was a Thomas the Tank Engine & Annie the Coach Tent, and I had tunnel ports for easy entrance and exits, which made it much easier living than my old boxcar days. But that doesn't mean it wasn't without its difficulties -- you try scooting your body into a 6' tent! Oh, I guess it wouldn't be hard for you because you're kids, and you're half my size, but imagine if you weren't kids. Yeah, that's right. Then you'd feel my pain.

So consider that a lesson for you!

What's the lesson? I don't know. I'm going to go take a nap.