Thomas and Friends 4-DVD Bundle Set

by wootbot

Deep Breath

Beatlemania ain't got nothin' on Thomas.

If you weren't part of it, it's hard to understand why hordes of adoring females would scream, cry and even faint at the sight of, when it really comes down to it on a human level, just some normal dudes. That is, until you see how a toddler reacts to Thomas.

Thomas isn't just a friendly little tank engine. Thomas is a god, the poster boy of wanton locomotive idolatry. You want to see a 2-year-old seriously lose his $#!%, put on a Thomas the Train DVD. Before you know it, diapers are flying at the TV screen from every direction, and your little love bundle is drooling and convulsing in a state of pure, unbridled hysteria.

You think it's just coincidence that Ringo's involved? Probably.