This Costume Is Rated PG For Giving Your Kids Nightmares

by Jason Toon

My daughters just watched The Wizard of Oz for the first time, whereupon my 2-year-old issued a Halloween edict: nobody in the family is allowed to dress up as a witch or a flying monkey. My only question was, how come I'd never thought of dressing as a flying monkey?

That idea might just be awesome enough to get me to wear a costume for Halloween again. I bet I could do it better than that guy. But I guess I'll have to wait another year or two in the interest of my child's sanity.

Have you ever worn a costume that freaked your kids out? (And no, grossing out your grown-up kids by dressing as a Sexy Dental Hygienist or something doesn't count.)

Photo: Flying monkey Kurt by Flickr user hans.gerwitz, used under a Creative Commons license.