The First Years Compass Booster Seat

by wootbot

A Game Of Booster Seats

Some see a secure child. Some see a captive audience., Who can say which the The First Years Compass Booster Seat truly offers?

Ella was in her The First Years Compass Booster Seat. Jake was sitting beside her. Their mother was just outside, talking to their father. The car door was open. Jake took a deep breath.

"Once upon a time-" he began. Ella made a mental note to learn how to roll her eyes as soon as possible.

"Ho, Princess Demistellaian!" said King Jaketheon of the North. "And what devilment have you been trapped within this time?"

"Do not speak to me so," said Princess Demistarian in a voice that sounded very much like a young boy pretending to talk like an infant. "For when we met at the Battle Of Tr'nk Mountain-"

"Ah, indeed!" said the king. "For there you did lay waste to the castle I was building with my own two hands and some blocks. But now, Princess… now I have the upper hand. I see, nevertheless, that you clearly have regained your throne."

"Have a care, Jaketheon of the North. For though I be trapped in this The First Years Compass Booster Seat's fully supporting multi-position adjustable "no-gap" back, I am by no means helpless." And as though to drive home the point, Princess Demistellaian kicked wildly at King Jaketheon! His majesty barely dodged the small leather shoe as it went flying towards his face!

"Still haven't learned to tie these, I see. Perhaps when you reach my age, you'll know a little more. Like, say, how to count to one hundred. Or perhaps how to avoid… the tickle ogre!"

Princess Demistellaian's heart raced, but she did not show it. She raised her chin in a haughty threat "The tickle ogre is a myth, a child's tale. It is what midwives and washerwomen use to bring silence to their homes."

King Jaketheon chuckled, sliding the shoe back onto the princess's foot. "You amuse me, Demistellaian. Pray you do not cease to do so."

"Jake!" yelled Michelle. "What are you doing to your sister?"

"Her stupid shoe came off, Mom!"

"Hey!" Michelle scolded as she made sure Ella's The First Years Booster Seat was secure. "None of that talk, mister! You think you're some kind of royalty?"

King Jaketheon paid his mother no mind. But he could not help but notice the smirk on Princess Demistellaian's face. Soon she would know how he had mastered the magic of the tickle ogre. And then, she would beg for a mercy that he was unprepared to give.

"Jake!" yelled Michelle. "Stop glaring at Ella!"