The First Years B570 Booster Seat

by Wootbot

Worst Plan Ever

Tim was the only one who wasn’t worried. He knew Ella was safe. She had her The First Years Pathway Booster Seat.

Michelle, of course, was frantic. She’d called the cops six times and even Olivia (their oldest) was starting to think it was excessive. Tim wasn’t thrilled, of course, because he knew Todd was an idiot. But Tim also knew that any man smart enough to grab The First Years Pathway Booster Seat on his way out the door absolutely had Ella’s best interest in mind.

“And when you get back, Todd, I’m going to take Granddad’s heirloom corkscrew and-” Tim could hear Michelle leaving another message on Todd’s phone; each one had been a little worse than the last. Tim knew he should be worried about his daughter, and he was… but…

Two weeks ago, Todd has asked Tim very specific questions about how The First Years Pathway Booster Seat actually worked. Tim had spent a good while showing off that easy-to-use belt-positioning adjustment feature to his brother-in-law, explaining how it could grow with Ella over the next few years. Tim made it clear that every The First Years Pathway Booster Seat underwent side-impact testing, and how each one conformed to the most stringent standards in the world.

Todd had even asked questions about Ella’s preferences, how she liked the deep, comfortable headrest and how to properly set the six-position adjustable “no-gap” back to make her happiest. Someone looking for trouble… well, Tim had no proof, but he had to believe that “Uncle Todd” wouldn’t ever hurt one of his nieces on purpose. There was some easy explanation to this, and that explanation would eventually make sense. Even if Michelle didn’t buy it for a second.

From the other room, Michelle let out a scream of joy and anger. It was distinct and primal, so primal that Tim didn’t have to wonder what was going on. He knew that when he opened the door, Todd’s car would be in the driveway.

By the time Tim stepped out of the house, Michelle was in tears, taking Ella from The First Years Pathway Booster Seat and screaming at Todd. Of course Ella was perfectly fine, fast asleep with ice cream on her mouth. Todd was grinning and waving a small piece of paper.

“Tim!” Todd yelled over Michelle. “I did it! I got her number! You know, Sally? The ice cream lady at the zoo? Turns out she thinks babies make a guy look responsible! Yeahhhhhh, buddy!”

Tim closed his eyes and looked away, but not before he saw the hate dripping down Michelle’s face. If there was a bookie in the garage, Tim might have bet heavy that Todd would not survive to make that date.


Warranty: 1 Year Limited The First Years

Condition: New

Recommended Ages: 30-100 lbs and between 38-57 inches tall


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