Thames & Kosmos Kits- Your Choice

by wootbot

Engine Engine Number 9

Your child can't just have a liberal art education. He or she has GOT to have a little engineering fun to round things out!

Twinkle, Twinkle, little lab
How I'm glad that you I had
Clearly then, I must now git
A Thames & Kosmos Stirling Experiment Set!

Olivia put down the paper and looked up at Noah's deep blue eyes. How could she tell him his poetry was … awful????

Noah eagerly handed Olivia another page. "Wait, wait, this one's better. Try this one.

There once was an engine assembled
When I saw it it made me a'tremble
I set up the mirror,
And said "Hey, everyone! Come here or
You'll miss out on what my engine does!

Olivia looked at Noah's soft brown bangs and long eyelashes and said nothing.

"See," Noah said. "I switched it up at the end. Unexpected, right? That's where genius lies. Read this one too, go on, tell me what you think."

O Earth lab!
Thy's sustainable
When confronted with thy
Experiment guide
I am not to be complainable

Olivia bit her lip and considered how nicely Noah was dressed. Maybe he chose that shirt himself?

"One more, before you say anything, one more!" Noah had the biggest, most handsomest smile as he held out the last page.

Candy Lab? I need not thine
And yet? The candy I can make

"See?" said Noah. "I was playing with the form there too. My mom says it's pretty good. What do you think?"

Olivia counted to ten and waited for the bell. Maybe she wouldn't have to answer him, if she were lucky.