Thames and Kosmos Sustainable Earth Lab

by wootbot

Smarty Pants

Super annoying today. Keeping the world from exploding tomorrow.

It was career day at Jake's school, and the teacher was going around to every kid and asking them what they wanted to be when they grew up.

So far there were two princesses, three super heroes, an astronaut, a homemaker, a waste management professional and a fireman.

Next up was a kid named Phillip. Phillip was the smartest kid in the class, but also the most annoying.

"When I grow up, I want to be an Energy Detective so that I can track down wasteful uses of energy both in the home and in places like schools and businesses."

Jake rolled his eyes. Everyone else groaned.

"That's … very interesting, Phillip," said the teacher. "Where did you hear about this profession?"

The entire class groaned again.

"I'm very glad you asked that, Mrs. Parks," said Phillip. "I was recently gifted a Thames and Kosmos Sustainable Earth Lab for my birthday, and it has been both an eye-opening experience and an educational delight."

"That's very nice, Phillip," said Mrs. Parks. "Now how about you, Thomas? What would you like to be when-"

But she was interrupted by Phillip who continued, "It included a total of 40 fun experiments, all of which I have already completed. I constructed a mini water treatment plant to demonstrate how unnatural concentrations of certain substances can pollute habitats."

"Yes, that's very impressive, Phillip. But now it's Thomas's turn to-"

"I also manufactured recycled paper and plastic, and then explored the causes and consequences of the greenhouse effect."

"Great, Phillip. Thank you for-"

"And I even built some devices to explore wind, water and active versus passive solar power."

"THAT'S ENOUGH, PHILLIP!" yelled Mrs. Parks. When she realized she had raised her voice, she quickly cleared her throat and started again. "That's … what I mean to say, Phillip, is that we need to move on to the next student. But perhaps you could bring in your biosphere thing-a-ma-jig for show-and-tell next week?"

Phillip loved the idea and smiled. The rest of the class groaned.

"OK, Thomas. Your turn. What would you like to be when you grow up?"

When Thomas realized the entire class was looking at him, he quickly removed his finger from his nose.

"Uh … I dunno. I guess a brain surgeon or something."