Teva Charge Waterproof Shoes (10-6)

by wootbot

Happy Halloween

Tonight's a night for costumes! But the rest of the year? You'll need some comfy shoes.

Teva, we've got nothing but love for your Durabrasion Rubber and that T.I.D.E Seal waterproof membrane. Seriously. You're like a candy bar among toothbrushes. But do you really need to play up your "lacing system" when you've got so much other stuff going for you?

Sure, every little bit helps when dealing with tiny hands, but we're talking about size that range from a Toddler's 10 to a Youth's 6. Those are sizes that often show up at an age when Mom and Dad might still be doing the tying. At the very least, the kid's gonna be close by someone who can say "Rabbit goes around the tree!" in a sing-songy voice.

There's never gonna be a situation where a Marine Drill Sergeant demands the child field-strip their shoes in a matter of seconds while in the dark. There's never going to be some kind of test where the child who ties their shoes last doesn't get to go to college. So why even bring it up, Teva? Especially when you could be using that space to talk about your EVA footbed cushioning or your synthetic leather and mesh upper.

Upper what? Exactly! THAT'S what you should be focusing on!