TEK RECON HammerHead Battle 2 Pk Bundle

by wootbot

Try Trollin' That, Punk

Imagine a video game in which, should your opponent defeat you, you can tackle them instantly! BEHOLD THE GLORY OF TEK RECON!

How many times have you, big brother, lost a game to your little brother the first person shooter prodigy. How many times have you said "If only the game was programmed to be like real life, I could have gotten out of that situation alive!"

This is your chance, go prove it, big brother. Or, at the very least, threaten to pound your little brother if he doesn't let you win.

With the free iOS and/or Android app, your phone-thing will be the gateway to a TRON-like world where SOCIETY IS THE MAZE! And, when you catch up with your enemy cowering in the basement yelling "I'M TELLING MOM ON YOU!" it's the simplest thing in the world to unleash the harmless, specially designed "NRG Rounds" which leave no marks or mess.

And, as an added bonus, nobody can hack this thing with an aimbot. You want a headshot IRL? You gotta earn it.