Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Road Race Set

by wootbot

Perfect With A Pizza

At last you can beat your friend who always races with a hare car!

You see, turtles are very vulnerable when they are born, because for some reason they're born on land and must race for the water. That's why turtles are natural survivors with a strong sense of competition! And that's why turtles make the best race car drivers. As you'll demonstrate when you get this TMNT Road Race Set into your home.

Now of course a wild turtle faces the wrath of eagles, crabs, lobsters, sharks, motorists and well-meaning photographers. But these two teenage turtles have to face off against each other! And please remember, these turtles have both been mutated and trained in the ancient art of ninjutsu or possibly ninjitsu if you're of a certain age. They're the deadliest amphibians that have ever existed, and their bond of brotherhood won't stop them from giving their all.

And you get to have fun watching them face off against each other in slot car form! Hey, nature's harsh that way. Might as well enjoy it