Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Backpack

by wootbot

Growin' Up

The perfect way to carry around all your love letters to the director of your favorite movie.

Dear Michael,

Wow! is all I had to say when I heard that YOU were in charge of the TMNTniverse. WOW! I can't possibly think of a better person to shoulder the responsibility of the four spokespersons of a generation. And that's why I've decided to buy this TMNT Backpack and write MICHAEL across it in glittery letters.

But that's not all! I'll also be wearing a TMNT mask (it comes with the bag!) around in my day-to-day life! And when that security guard at the bank asks me what's up, I'll say DON'T BELITTLE ME, MAN, YOU PROBABLY THINK DONATELLO DOESN'T HAVE A NOSE and walk off feeling smug and correct. Just like you probably feel, Michael, when you get out of that limo and go into a six-star restaurant.

Hey, have you ever sent back the pommes soufflées and told them to chop 'em up and make 'em into hash browns instead? I bet you get a super-rush every time you do that. Maybe one day I'll get to do that with you, after I finish film school myself.

Your Best Fan,