Techno Gears Marble Mania Galaxy

by wootbot

Captain Marble

Your marble is going on a majestic journey through time, space, and gravity.

Like many things, it's not about the subject. It's about the adjectives. Is pasta good when you eat it out of the box? No! But once you add heat and sauce and cheese and a nice pasta bowl and maybe some pepper on the top and a few candles and some old Italian guy with a violin? It's OUTSTANDING!

What you're looking at here is the four-star dining experience of a marble game. It's like Mousetrap except without all the waiting and pieces that nobody can find. You gather, you assemble, you build, you roll the marbles and then, suddenly, you're surprised how much fun you're having.

And then, you do it all again.

Trust us, parents and kids. There's something deep in our pineal glands that comes to life when we see a small object moving. Maybe it's leftover from the days before our species evolved from cats, who can say? All that matters is, it's in there. And this marble galaxy will bring it to life.

Oh, and PS to the skeptics: don't try to tell us we didn't evolve from cats. Our theory is just as good as yours. :P