Teamson Dollhouses w/Furniture 2-Choices

by wootbot

The Right Home

Don't look at it as a forever purchase. Look at it as the kind of dollhouse you can flip for a profit.

Let's go ahead and disclose it right now: this dollhouse costs more than just flat out buying your child a home in Detroit. We're not kidding. Do a little research, you can find some Detroit houses for the price of a gas station hot dog. So we'll just put it out there: if you're okay with your child commuting to the Detroit suburbs every day to play, you can easily get something a lot bigger than this.

But some people want their child to enjoy three floors of fun in the privacy of their own bedrooms. And we can understand that! Kids don't really enjoy the idea of fixing up a half-rotten kitchen or chasing squatters out of the basement. Kids just want a lovely white balcony, 13 pink furniture pieces, wide open rooms up three different levels and a kitchen/bathroom that's even BETTER than the one they use every day.

Just keep in mind, if you're really after a deal, that house in Detroit is still cheaper than this doll house. We only say that because we want to put you in the house that's right for you.