Swimsuit Sets (12M-4T)

by wootbot

Hard Science

These swimsuit sets are for swimming in bodies of water, not on stars.

If you, small child, pulled on an adorable swimsuit and dove into the warm plasma that gives us light and warmth, you'd last about a microsecond before dissolving. It wouldn't even hurt, you'd just dissolve in a burst of science. But you'd ALSO look SO cute wearing a set like this, and any observation satellite would have no choice but to agree.

So here's a thought: why not wear these in or by the pool/lake/pond/washtub this summer and PRETEND it's a star? Why, if you do that, you'll be using your imagination, and imaginations beat physical law each and every time!

Also it would save our country a few billion dollars, which is how much it would cost to make a space ship that could take a small child out towards the sun. Do your part, small child. Save this great nation some money.