Super Duper 4 Kid Tent

by wootbot

Tent Of This Price Is A Steal

Remember: if this Super Duper 4 Kid Tent is exposed to Tenttonite, it might lose its powers and just be a Duper 4 Kid Tent.

You don't have to get fancy and start adding a Super Duper 4 Monkey Tent or a Super Duper 4 Horse Tent, and you certainly don't have to add some Super Duper 4 Evil General Tent just to make some kind of threat. Just enjoy what you've got, you know? Let the Super Duper 4 Kid Tent inspire you!

It's kid-tough, but not overpowered. Like, this tent won't turn back time or anything. What it will do is give your kid room to stretch and crawl and zip through the two tunnel ports with roll-down flaps and create a little fortress where they can have solit- oh, really? Skating too close to the edge? Well, let's just say where they can be alone with their treasures and memories. How's that?

Now, to be fair, there's almost zero chance this tent will ever inspire some kids in the future to have a tent just like yours. And you're probably not going to meet a lady journalist in this tent. And you'll almost never meet some guy who looks vaguely like Sean Connery in a well-regarded b-movie. But if you're just looking for a nice place to read comics all summer?

Why, this tent will be juuuuust super.