Super Duper 4 Kid Tent

by wootbot

In Tents

Your kids see this tent as a cool new place to play, somewhere novel and exciting. You'll see it as a way to protect the six thousand dollar vase you bought as a retirement investment.

Listen, we all do crazy things when we're young. Some of us try to gather every version of Optimus Prime mint-in-box. Some of us put our money in startup corporations that swear they'll be the next Microsoft. And some of us buy ceramics, literally millions of dollars of ceramics, and then find out we're about to be a parent. And THAT'S why a play tent is so vital.

Instead of hiding in terror because a horde of children are shaking your floors, you can smile, sip tea, and know your nine hundred dollar porcelain unicorn ISN'T going to be slapped off its shelf at any moment! And yet, you'll still know your children are safe, with plenty of ventilation through the full mesh top that also provides you with a view of what's going on inside. Plus it's waterproof, so they don't have to come in when it rains! Even if they beg! Who wants muddy footprints all over the floor, after all?

Your children are your second-most precious investment, right behind that ceramic statue of Liberace that almost certainly will triple in value before the end of the decade, thanks to the upcoming movie. Buy them the tent they deserve... this one! 

Just be warned: they might try to sneak out of the two tunnel ports. So be ready. Your unicorn's life may depend on it.