Summer Infant Best View Digital Color Video Monitor

by wootbot

Baby, you’re a star.

All the on-screen exposure has gone to her giant, bobbly head.

She’s cute, but not like Gerber cute or anything. Just your average, all-American baby-next-door type. But when her parents got the Summer Infant Best-View Video Monitor, everything changed.

She won’t respond to “Madison” anymore. It’s Maydysyn now, with three “y’s.” Maddiee for short. Yes, with an “iee.” It doesn’t have to make sense. It’s just how it is. Don’t ask questions. And don’t look her directly in the eyes. Or from the left side. And whatever you do, NEVER film her from behind. The 2.5" LCD color monitor adds about 10 ounces, and the black and white night vision isn’t the most flattering light.

For a nominal fee, she’ll make daycare appearances. But her rider is pretty specific. She requires six bottles of breast milk, warmed to a precise 98.5 degrees. And she only eats orange foods, organic and homemade. None of that jarred crap. Plus all the toys in the room must be chartreuse. Not green. Not yellow. CHARTREUSE. Also, one Bumbo with play tray. NO EXCEPTIONS … or you’ll be sorry.

The 2.4 GHz technology has a 400-foot range, so you’re gonna hear every snarf and snot-bubble of that temper tantrum with amazing clarity from any room.