Summer Infant Baby Gate

by wootbot

Works With Many Babies

A baby in the other room? No, no, you must be mistaken, sir. That's my little lion friend. Just like in the zoo.

RAWR! Do you hear that? RAWR! Well, it sounds like a RAWR! anyway. And if we can pretend my baby is a lion, we can pretend "mrrrgaw" means RAWR! instead.

Of course, a lion can't come out into the living room where Mommy's busy fixing her bicycle with these pretty tools that could hurt a lion, and that's why the lion's in the zoo! It's a good thing Mommy chose a gate that was easy to set up, so little lions can't prowl around. Just like a real lion, you've got a habitat now!

Of course, once Mommy cleans up all these screwdrivers, the gate will be very easy to remove via the quick-release mechanism. And then my baby will be free to prowl around again, safely!

There you are, little one. Free again! I'm so glad this baby gate works so well. I bet one day, when I have a child instead of a kitten, it'll do the job exactly the same. Oh, we should turn on your laser pointer, huh? Pounce, my baby, pounce!