Summer Infant 8-Panel Playard

by wootbot

Baby Gladiators

Let's just float this idea past you here: No Holds Barred Baby Fighting Leagues. What? Don't be mad! It's an 8-sided cage! What else could it be for?

Yes, your sweet little angel looks respectable when he or she is lying there during tummy time, but think: how many play dates end up on the ground? If you've got mastery of a few basic locks and pins, you can control the vital endgame that is so important to success in the Summer Infant 8-Panel Playard.

And don't worry! It's easy to set up! The Summer Infant 8-Panel Playard, we mean, not the lock. It takes a LOT of work to master even the most basic of baby-on-baby holds. Not to mention all that strategy and endurance that comes from the early rounds. Like, how to you counter a capoeira toddle? Would you be able to stop a baby with six black belts in Brazillian ju jitsu? What about a baby who was a left-hander with a 65-1-7 record?

Face it, a Summer Infant 8-Panel Playard isn't just a place to keep your baby. It's hallowed ground. It won't just contain your baby. It'll set them free.

Unless Mommy says no fighting. Then they'll just have to sit quietly.