Star Wars Lightsaber Flashlights

by wootbot

The Saga Continues

The only thing that can stand in the way of this epic conclusion is dead batteries, or a party-pooper older sister. 

"How could I possibly have been born into this family?" Olivia thought to herself, just as a lightsaber whizzed by her head.

"I'm smart. I'm responsible. I'm … normal. Yet, here I am, just minding my own business, trying to learn the difference between aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, while all four members of my family are having a flashlight fight … in the middle of the public library."

The epic battle had started at home, and lately it seemed no place was off limits: the grocery store, the pool at the YMCA, Olivia's awards ceremony at school. In this latest installment of public humiliation, Ella had used the green LED Yoda flashlight to hack off Michelle's other arm, which meant she was officially out of the game.

Ella had thrown her arms up in victory when Tim jumped out from behind a book stack to slay her with the blue LED of Anakin's flashlight.

"Seriously!" Olivia said in a loud whisper. "Is this really happening?"

Michelle seemed to come to her senses. "She's right, Tim. We're not exactly setting the best example for …"

But she was interrupted by Jake, who emerged suddenly from behind a cart, did a somersault to grab Michelle's Darth Maul lightsaber and was just about to jab Tim in the chest when …"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Olivia wailed as she snatched up the green lightsaber flashlight. She moved so quickly, they never saw in coming. In one fell swoop, she took down both Tim and Jake.

"I … have … had … ENOUGH … OF … THISSSSSSSSSS!" She was now standing on top of the table, brandishing the lightsaber, and panting heavily from the sudden explosion of pent-up rage.

Michelle, Tim, Jake and Ella just stared up at her, shocked.

The librarian appeared from around the corner and admonished her with a stern "SHHH!"

"ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?" Olivia screamed back at her.

And with that, Tim and Michelle lifted her down from the table and quickly ushered the family out the door.