Star Wars Lightsaber Flashlights

by wootbot

Just Play Along

Use the Force, Jake. And if that doesn't work, try 3 AAA batteries.

"Honey, what is Jake doing?" Tim was a little concerned about his middle child. He was crouched down in front of the counter, eye level with a glass of water. He had been standing there completely still, staring intently for 15 minutes.

"Oh. That. Yeah. Ever since my mother gave him those Star Wars Lightsaber Flashlights, he thinks he's a Jedi knight," Michelle explained.

"So … why is he just staring at that glass of water then?" continued Tim, still confused.

"Because he's trying to move it with his mind. DUH," said Michelle sarcastically.

"Huh. Well, okay then," said Tim with a shrug. It certainly wasn't the strangest feat he'd ever witnessed Jake attempting. "Let's see these lightsabers, shall we?"

Tim picked up the flashlight with the blue LED and matching crystal color light beam. When he turned it on, it made that trademark hum sound effect. Michelle grabbed the one with the red LED, and light beams suddenly extended from both ends. She shot Tim a challenging look, and for the next half an hour, they staged an epic battle that moved from the kitchen to the dining room and back into the kitchen. All the while never breaking Jake's concentration.

Then just as Michelle was about to go in for the "kill," Ella appeared out of nowhere with the green lightsaber and made a motion to chop off Michelle's arm. Michelle instinctively recoiled and tucked it inside her shirt. She then fell to the ground and writhed around while shrieking in mock agony.

Olivia walked in to see the final drama unfold. She stepped over Michelle's "body" to grab a soda out of the fridge, then headed to her room while shaking her head in disapproval.