Star Wars AT-AT Snap Tite Model Kit

by wootbot

Stay On Target

Today's 5/4. May the Fourth be with you! Now load up on some AT-AT Model Kits.

Take it from someone who was there: the AT-AT was an AMAZING step forward in toy technology the first time it appeared. Imagine, if you will, a camel with lasers attached and a tiny army inside. Sound strange? Well, then maybe you've forgotten how to be a kid!


We're not saying that Star Wars stayed perfect. Like any childhood memory, there are flaws that only appeared after we all grew up. A line might be trite or a subplot a little, you know, creepy. But the AT-AT? Boy, that AT-AT still looks cool. Remember how much you wanted one? Remember how the box was almost bigger than you? C'mon. It's time you finally lived your dream.

This May The Fourth, pick up an AT-AT model and snap it together as you sing Eddie Money in Huttese. Make the PEW PEW blaster noises and dream of the first time you saw the Empire storming across the snow to hit the Rebel base. And then, pick up one or two more, for those younglings who are going to ask you what the heck you're building.

That last part is essential, so don't forget it. Because a story isn't really a story until you've told it to someone else.