Star Trek Mr Potato Head 2 Packs-Your Choice!

by wootbot


What's that? Your kid doesn't speak Klingon? Typical.

As Chancellor Gorkon once said, "'u', 'oH-choH (The Universe, it is a-changin')." Pretty soon, being bilingual or even trilingual won't be enough. How do you expect children to navigate successfully outside their galaxy if they can't even speak an alien language?

Don't worry. It's not too late. Get these Star Trek Mr. Potato Head 2-packs as conversation starters, then start with the basics.

For instance, Captain Kirk Potato could say to Commander Kor Potato, "Where is the bathroom?" (nuqDap 'oH puchpa'e'?) And Commander Kor Potato could reply, "vI'ogh Saw 'ech Da poS." (Down the hall to the left.)

And when Commander Kor Potato tries to make a move on Lt. Uhura Potato by saying, "QI'yaH bangwI'. ridge QuchwIj Hot vIneH?" (Hey baby. Wanna touch my ridged forehead?)" Commander Spock Potato could give him the Vulcan nerve pinch, which is basically him saying, "Step off my woman, yo." ( mIw DoH be' yo).

So there you have it. Star Trek Potato Heads. Fun AND educational!