Squinkies Crazy Crane

by wootbot


You hear about that guy who blew all his life savings on that carnival game? Sad, right? The word on the street is that it all started with the Squinkies Crazy Crane.

When he was a kid, he got one for his birthday. He would spend hours a day perfecting his skills with the crane dispenser, twisting it just so to line up the bubble over the chute. He got so good, he could do it blindfolded.

Turns out, the Squinkies Crazy Crane was a gateway game to a bigger obsession. He scored his first toy from an arcade claw machine at the age of 12, and set the county record for Skee-Ball at age 14. By 18, he was a regular on the state fair and carnival game circuit. He was unstoppable. Until the day he wasn't.

Last anyone heard of him, he was spotted at a theme park, disheveled and trying to cash in his Squinkies coins for a chance at the ring toss game. Security was called, and as he was being escorted away, he was mumbling something about a banana.