Snap Circuits SCXP-50

by wootbot

Thursday: Mystery Meat

All this week in the Deal Cafeteria our Lunch Lady serves up a back-to-school treat. Prepare yourself for September!

Four times a month, someone peeks in my office and says "Doris! What's the meat today!" And I always answer the same thing. "I'm really not sure, it just showed up in a box around 5 PM yesterday." But I've always heard that you youngsters really enjoy a mystery. Maybe you can even puzzle it all together on one of your computer things.

Like, take this Snap Circuits set. Any one of you little bloodhounds could build and program your own micro-controllers and circuits. Even write a few programs using BASIC. Hey, don't roll your eyes. BASIC was what they used in TRON back in 1983. At least, I think that was BASIC. It's been a long time since the Lunch Lady last went to the movies. Planning menus and budgets take a lot of time.

But you? You've got plenty of time! In fact, since you're not eating your mystery meat, you've got even MORE time! I say you try to snap this thing together and see if you can write a program that'll end the hunger you'll be feeling around two. Oh, and remember, you can't eat candy in class or you'll get detention. This is the only game in town, buckaroo.