Snap Circuits SC-300 Kit

by wootbot

It's Electric

Have you been keeping up with CURRENT events? Eh?

Here are some facts about currents and electricity!

  1. Electricity was discovered by a guy who flew a kite with a key on it during a lightning storm. Let that be a lesson to you: if you want to succeed at science, just do something dumb that doesn't make any sense.
  2. Electrical currents are different from water currents in that one is made of electricity and one is made of water. Aside from that, they are exactly the same. That's why you'll often hear wires referred to as "li'l shocky rivers."
  3. If you touch a door knob and it gives a quick shock, don't worry. That's just static electricity. It doesn't mean that the door is mad at you. But it doesn't mean it's not mad at you either. It's a door, for crying out loud! Why are we even talking about its feelings?
  4. Lightning never strikes the same place twice. That's because lightning understands that variety is important. It doesn't go to the same two restaurants and live forever in its tiny hometown without any dreams or plans for a brighter future. HEAR THAT, CHRIS? AT LEAST LIGHTNING GETS IT!
  5. When the electric light bulb came out, there was some talk of calling it "Candle 2.0" or calling candles "Light Bulb Classic" but they decided to leave them as separate entities for undisclosed branding reasons.