SmartMax Tangoes 54 Piece Magnet Bundle

by wootbot

The Heist

Three different sets means nobody has to share. Unless they want to, of course.

You know that feeling when you see something new, no matter how ordinary or mundane it is, like a new stick of deodorant or a toothbrush, and you just want to use it right away?

That's how Ella was feeling about the SmartMax Tangoes Magnets that were sitting in a bag on the counter.

Naturally, Ella didn't know anything about the rules of attracting and repulsing with magnetism (like Olivia did) or about the best way to snap all the pieces together to make a sweet race car shape (which was Tim's specialty) or even the free-form joy that came from snapping pieces together (like Jake) to make a spaceship for zipping around imaginary skies. But she did know that the colorful boxes looked like they'd be the best thing EVER once they were out of the box.

And thinking out of the box was something Ella excelled at.

Ella put her hands on her knees, listened cautiously. No sound. She put her hands on the chair and pushed. Skreeeeeeeeee and it was over. She listened again. Still nothing.

Ella climbed up the chair, hearing every creak, every click. She knew her mother could see everything and she didn't want to get caught. The bag would rustle, so It would have to be a quick grab, then right into a jump and a sprint to the other room. If she made it that far, she'd be home free.

Ella held her breath and listened. No sound. Three, two, one, NOW! Ella's hand hooked the bag, the magnets were hers! The sound of her feet on the kitchen tile was like thunder.

Safely hidden beneath the dining room table, Ella opened the box and reached inside. Would it be the Basic set? The Racers set? The "Drive & Fly" set? Ella's hand closed around- a piece of paper?

Ella didn't know many words, but she knew the three on the paper. She sighed and let the bag fall. The note fell with it, and Michelle could read it from the laundry room where she had been spying.

NO. the paper said in thick black letters. LOVE, MOM.