SkootCase: The Rideable Bag

by wootbot

Even during holiday fun, one can't escape the need for style.

As his father and uncle played with the train, Jake took a moment to daydream. In Alexa's home town, Jake assumed, everyone rode a Skootcase.

Down at the cafe at the bottom of the biggest hill in town, the Skootcases would be parked. There would be laughter and the sound of clinking root beer glasses. Beautiful dark haired young women would pull their sweaters from the locked and sealed case and tie them about their shoulders. And the young men would comb their hair in the style of Ben 10.

Strangers from other countries would take photos of the Skootcases parked side by side, and marvel at how they combined motion and fashion. Only a town like this would be so entrancing, enchanting, And there, near the 24 Hour Hot Pizza And Video Game Parlor, would be Alexa, with her long dark hair and a shirt that said "Hi Jake!" but in a very fashionable way. And together, they would right their Skootcases into the setting sun at the edge of the ocean.

Todd nudged Tim and nodded in Jake's direction.

"You know that look? Because I know that look."

Tim smiled. "I sure do. My boy's got his first real crush."