SkootCase: The Rideable Bag

by wootbot

Duophenia II

There's an age of innocence. Then, after that, there's an age when you want to impress. This scooter/suitcase is for the first. Probably not the second.

Joshua was playing in his yard when Jake came running up, holding his SkootCase.

"Where's Peter? Where's your brother?" Jake was yelling. Joshua didn't know. He shrugged.

Jake dropped the SkootCase in front of the younger boy.

"Listen, this is yours, okay? If anyone asks, especially a girl with dark hair, this SkootCase is yours!"

Joshua shrugged again and got on his new SkootCase. A few kicks and he was riding it down the driveway. Jake wiped his brow and looked down the street. On her bike, riding his way, was Alexa.

"Jake," she said with a light accent. "Why did you run from me?"

"I- um, didn't!" I didn't see you, I mean. I was running here. To give my little brother his SkootCase."

Joshua didn't answer. He figured it was safest to just pretend he wasn't listening. That way, nobody could get mad.

"SkootCase?" Alexa brushed her long hair from her eyes. "So ... that was what I saw you with the day we first met?"

Jake swallowed hard.

"No, no! I mean, the SkootCase is fun, and it would fit in a plane as carry-on luggage, which would be very efficient. But it's for young kids, like Joshua here. Not for guys like me. Guys like me, we ride real hogs."

Alexa smiled, in a way that made Jake think he'd said something wrong. A scooter wasn't a hog?

"So I should believe your little friend here, he rides this SkootCase because he, what's the word? Admires you?"

Joshua laughed by accident. Jake glared.

"Well, he's kind of a jerk. But yeah. I guess so. I mean, I gave him that SkootCase too, didn't I, Joshua?"

"Yep!" Joshua yelled.

Alexa nodded. "Maybe I'll give you something too, Jake. If I see you riding around on your scooter."

Jake watched as Alexa pedaled up the hill. Joshua stopped the SkootCase in the driveway.

"Do you want this back, Jake? Now that she's gone?"

"No, keep it." Jake said, full of purpose. "I've got to find myself- a real one."

Joshua just shrugged. "Okay, good luck. I'll tell Peter you were looking for him."