Silly Slippeez - 6 Characters

by wootbot

Because You're Young

If there are monsters under the bed trying to eat your child's feet, all you've got to do is show 'em someone else is working this side of the street.

A monster is like a songbird: show 'em someone tougher and they'll fly away squeaking and tweeting and never come back. That's why it's vital -vital!- your child has a pair of these Silly Slippeez. Regardless of the style they choose, simply walking around the room in them will send a strong message to the monsters beneath the bed. That message? Get out or perish.

Now, there will be a slight bonus in how your kids will enjoy the fun designs and have nice warm feet to boot. But what these slippers are really all about is scaring away the monsters under the bed. Yep, with these, your child will never have to fear a bed monster ever again. All gone! Victory!

... of course, they're not going to do about the closet monsters. THOSE guys are SERIOUSLY tough.