Seventh Generation Wipes - 840 Count

by wootbot


Building a big sister-little brother bond, one pack of baby wipes at a time.

Baby wipes weren't a new thing to Mackenzie. Gavin went through them like … well, something that goes through something really quickly.

Still, she was really excited when she first laid eyes on the 840-count box of Seventh Generation Wipes. Not because they were free and clear and made with plant-derived ingredients. Not because they were whitened without chlorine and contained no alcohol, synthetic cleaners, dyes or fragrances. And not because they were a natural choice for baby's bottom but gentle enough for messy mouths, hands and feet.

No, Mackenzie was excited about 12-packs of 70 wipes per pack because, as was common knowledge in the kid world, packs of baby wipes made the BEST forts!

She spent the morning stacking and organizing them into different sized piles. And she didn't even get mad when Gavin got in on the fun. The higher she built, the more he'd laugh and clap. And he'd squeal in delight when she'd let him knock them over.

Mackenzie decided that, as long as there were baby wipe forts, having a baby brother wasn't half bad.